Blue Sky


Rebecca 06/06/2012 12:13 am
Excellent customer service!! We reserved our parking online and had no issues the day of arrival. They greeted us the moment we drove in, helped us with our bags, dropped us off right at the airline terminal we needed, and unloaded our bags. When we came back all it took was a quick phone call and within 10-15 minutes the shuttle van picked us up at the curb, loaded our bags and drove us back to their facility where our car was waiting. They unloaded our bags and loaded them in our car. It was wonderful not having to park miles out and walk hauling our bags into the airport. I have recommended Blue Sky Parking to others and would definitely use their service again.
Michele 09/05/2012 12:30 am
I was really amazed at the service.It was excellent! We where greeted in the early morning of 3am they took our car and immeditaley took us to the airport. Pick up was also very nice we waited not even 5 minutes. I highly recommened them to anyone going to the airport. Great price! Awesome and friendly service.Was the best part of traveling. I wish I would of got the car wash would have been nice to come home to clean car. I will use no other service but Blue Sky. You should give yourself a pat on the back you do a Great service! Thank you.
Soo 07/05/2012 08:39 pm
great experience! shuttle to the airport was there as i got out of my car and was waiting at the the airport as i came out at the shuttle centre on my return. very very good value. i would recommend it. made my late return home a lot easier.

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